Friday, 22 June 2018

High Voltage Switchgears like

VCB -11kV, 1250A, 50Hz Fixed & Draw out Type

LBS - 11kV with fuse trip & Earth Switch.

High Voltage (HV) range of products

11 KV HV VCB, s Vacuum Circuit Breaker

11 KV HV LBS Load Break Switches

11 KV HV Metering Panel

11 KV HV Metering and Switching Panel (indoor/outdoor)

11 KV HV Compact RMU with LBS & VCB's

11 KV HV Metering with LBS / VCB & Transformers (Combined Unit).


The 11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker VCB (Dev Make) is suitable for indoor applications & may be used in panels for outdoor applications. The Vacuum circuit Breaker VCB can be used for Incoming /outgoing Power Supply & can take up a load of 2000A. The VCB has been provided with motorized/ manual spring charge tripping & closing Coils, The VCB is very easy to operate manually. The VCB has passed the type tests in CPRI as per IS/IEC standards.

The 11KV Load Break Switch (Dev Make) is suitable for indoor applications. The Load Break Switches can be used for the Switching Transformer, in and Out Operations. The Switch has auxiliary contacts as well. Testing on this product has been carried out as pertaining to IS/IEC Standards. The capacity of short circuit rated up to 25 KA (rms) and made to break after 630A.

High Voltage Metering, Metering and Switching, VCB/LBS, RMU’s & Other HT Panel: As per IS3427/1997 RA2002 & IEC 62271- 2000 / 2003 These High Voltage Metering, Metering and Switching, VCB/LBS, & HV Compact (RMU) Ring Main Unit LBS/VCB (Indoor / outdoor) substation protection panels with OCR & EFR as required by the customer Other HT Panels are manufactured by the company & has been approved by KPTCL/ESCOM’S. This product has greater flexibility, considering the advanced technology, it uses our innovative system design gives the product unlimited extensibility on either side and has been widely approved by customers. The product is CPRI type tested & the components in the system conform to IS/IEC Standards & has been validated in CPRI (NABL Accredited Lab).

We have designed panels as per lP 54 for indoor & lP 55 for outdoor applications, which offer the highest degree of personal safety & protection and is free from Maintenance. The product eliminates no chances of fire, as the product is free from oil. The CPRI type Test carried out on product has been successfully passed.

LV Range of product - As per IS 8623 (Part1):

The Low Voltage Distribution, metering & Control panel has been type tested in CPRI & meets the norms of KPTCL/BESCOM/ESCOMs. The LV Panels are used in M.S. Buildings, complexes, Industrial and residential apartments. The panel design can also be customized as per customer requirements.